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Even the best made sofas and armchairs can be susceptible to wear and tear, particularly in a busy family home. Thanks to our cushion repair service, there is no need to replace a beloved piece of furniture which is looking a little tired – instead, we can restore your favourite seat to its former glory.

We specialize in high quality repairs which are sympathetic to design of your sofa or armchair, and that means using traditional techniques and the finest fabrics to seamlessly bring your furniture back to life. In fact, your furniture will look as good as new once our work is complete – or as good as old, depending on its age!

A Bespoke Service

The way we repair your furniture may depend on where and how it is used – whether it’s your main family sofa or a lesser-used chair in a quieter spot. By understanding how your furniture is used, we can complete a repair which effectively extends its lifespan and provides you with many more years of enjoyment from your treasured sofa or chair.

This personal, bespoke service, combined with our attention to detail and exceptional workmanship, means you are sure to be impressed by the results we can achieve.

For more details about this or any other of our services, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

Examples of our work